by Louise Coulthard in aid of The Alzheimer’s Soceity

Premiered at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre in 2016 and followed by Summerhall Edinburgh.

Cockamamy. Adj. Ludicrous or Non Sensical.

Alice and her granddaughter Rosie are a team. They live together,eat together, watch Countdown together. Until things start to become ludicrous. Non sensical. This heart breaking, hilarious tale explores companionship and what it is to both have and care for someone living with dementia.

Based on true stories, we see their relationship fracture with the desperate struggle for independence, and the humour and love that can still be shared when faced with this terrible disease.

Louise Coulthard’s sell out debut play opened at The Lion and Unicorn Theatre, London 2016


‘This play had a sell out run at the Lion and Unicorn and was both compelling and engaging for young and old audiences alike.’
- Chris Mellor- Artistic Director -The Lion and Unicorn Theatre

‘Sincere, heart-warming, compassionate’

‘Incredibly moving’ - Kissing it Better

With one in six people diagnosed as having some form of dementia, the script based on truth, examines how this condition affects relationships
— A Younger Theatre
A modern day Glass Menagerie
— Open Door