The golden f**king years

by Adrian McLoughlin

A co-production with Vital Signs Productions to make its world premier at the Jack Studio 17th-28th April 2018.

Helen and Gordon spend their retirement on their Mediterranean balcony, reading and drinking gin, quite a lot of it. Both have moments of dissatisfaction. Is this life changing or merely boredom brought on by age and inactivity?

When a younger woman appears in their lives, their comfortable existence is blown apart in an unexpected fashion. Sex, alcohol and physical mayhem have dangerous repercussions for all.

A hilarious new play about getting old, moving abroad and the consequences of spontaneous behaviour, The Golden F**king Years takes a look at how people behave – and how others expect them to behave – as they age.

“The things you’ve looked forward to all your working life. Nicely drunk in the early afternoon and it doesn’t matter.”